i. BUSY! The week before half term I had a job interview and a funeral. This week I had another job interviews. Burning the candle at both ends a bit but I’ll be sad when all this is done!

ii. Exhibition proposal…

Plan 2.jpg
Plan 1.jpg

iii. Bristol trip. Centre for Fine Print Research. Fortunately I was in the South West for half term so I could go on the trip. As well as a wander through their research facilities we were introduced to a variety of PHD students. Whilst fascinating, very academic. Can’t see myself going down this route. Also visited Spike Island which was fun. Really nice to be a part of the trip and spend time with my peers.

iv. Symposium 2. Spending a lot of time preparing for this. Went well, actually enjoyed it, and think I delivered a decent presentation. My presentation was about… Nice to cross it off my list. “Disarmingly direct” Paul Coldwell

v. Rabley Drawing Centre. Visited Sara Lee exhibition. A bit stylised. However, there was a beautiful Emma Stibbons monotype from the London Original Print Fair. And the owner, Meryl, showed us her own collection in her home which was beautiful. Including a Hokusai (!) and a lovely little row of Sadie Tierney prints. These prints were made using jigsaws and routers. I mentioned that having seen the Michael Rothenstein prints at Clifford Chance, I’m definitely feeling a pull to start playing around with relief on leaving Camberwell.

Emma Stibbon,  Reine Dawn, Norway,  2019

Emma Stibbon, Reine Dawn, Norway, 2019

Sadie Tierney,  New York Series - Empire State EV6 F,  2019

Sadie Tierney, New York Series - Empire State EV6 F, 2019