Weekly Roundup 11

i. This week has been manic. I took a group of students around London with school which unfortunately meant I only ended up with one day at university most of which was taken up with a group crit. I managed to make some monotypes on the Thursday morning and showed some of these. The feedback was generally good and I was mainly encouraged to just make more work. Hopefully I'll be more productive next week.

ii. I was invited to apply for the Whiteknights Studio Trail and this week I found out I have been accepted. The Whiteknights Studio Trail is a series of exhibitions and open studios around Reading and is sponsored by the University of Reading and was nominated for Reading Cultural Award 2017. It's a chance for me to exhibit (and hopefully sell) some work and I look forward to being a part of it.

iii. I read a BBC News article about artist Norman Gilbert that I found incredibly poignant. 'I have no regrets about doing the drawings,' says Norman. 'I love having them and I cherish them.'

 Norman Gilbert,  Pat,  2016, pencil on paper

Norman Gilbert, Pat, 2016, pencil on paper