i.  I was feeling a bit worried about going back to uni this week (I didn't realise I was such an anxious person until starting this MA...) because of the forthcoming interim exhibition, research paper and symposium. However, Jo quickly reassured us: the research paper isn't due until October, the interim 'display' only consists of one work each, and we are only an audience for the symposium. I also went for coffee with second year student Leah for reassurance and advice: she suggested that she had felt like this last year and that it's completely normal.

ii. I took part in a group crit where I explained that I was putting aside processes such as lithography to focus on developing my etchings and monotypes (which was encouraged). However I still feel a certain pressure to define 'a project' or find a specific focus so that my work isn't too vague and all over the place. I am unsure if this pressure is coming from the tutors or myself.

iii. The poster and list of exhibiting artists for the Bainbridge Open was revealed. I was delighted to see my name in the company of several artists that I really admire such as Alice Macdonald and Professor David Ferry (who taught printmaking in my first year at Cardiff). I can't wait to see my work in the context of a show devoted to contemporary printmaking.