i. I spent another afternoon at Bainbridge with varying degrees of success. Whilst printing my monotypes the paper kept sticking to the plate and or printing with noticeable mottling (I think that either the pressure on the press was wrong or my paper was too dry). I worry the work is becoming too stylised and almost cartoony. It’s always disappointing trying to replicate the success of previous work…

ii. I had an encouraging group crit without any major criticisms and was advised to just keep making and to begin to consider the degree show. Somebody suggested that I try making monotypes in the pub but I argued that, even if I was allowed to bring ink into the pub it would change the dynamic considerably: rather than quietly observing, it would become an intrusive performance. It was also suggested that I look into bits of writing such as George Orwell’s The Moon Under Water.

iii. Prior to the opening of an upcoming retrospective, I’ve become a bit obsessed with artist Sargy Mann. The documentary below is brilliant and fascinating: what an extraordinary man!