i. On Tuesday afternoon I went to visit Artists First, a group of 16 disabled visual artists with learning difficulties based in Bristol. Artists First has been working together since 1988 and to mark its anniversary has been looking back and making artwork about the people and events that have shaped it over the years. We talked about our work and the reason artists make portraits. The possibility of me returning to run a printmaking workshop was discussed. I had a really good afternoon.

Peter Sutton,  Self-Portrait

Peter Sutton, Self-Portrait

Liz Lane,  Lying on Patchwork

Liz Lane, Lying on Patchwork

ii. I have rejoined Bath Artists Printmakers and, because I was already in the South West, decided that I'd get more done there than at Camberwell this week. I made a couple of large monotypes (experimenting with layering and collage based on drawings and photographs of the The Three Crowns. It was fun, playful and a step in the right direction. I may well exhibit these in the interim show. It also quickly became apparent that I need to make a lot more drawings and gather new source material over the summer. It could be a really exciting project.

iii. Whilst I was at Bath Artist Printmakers the editor of Pressing Matters visited about a possible feature about the group in the future. He chatted to me about printmaking and took some photographs of my work. I need to remember to get in touch with him about future exhibitions/next year's degree show.

The Three Crowns,  2018

The Three Crowns, 2018

The Three Crowns,  2018

The Three Crowns, 2018

iv. I spent the weekend exhibiting in the Whiteknights Studio Trail, an arts trail in Reading sponsored by the University of Reading. It was pretty boring weekend but I did manage to sell a couple of pieces.

v. Unfortunately, because I was hanging work on the Friday night I was unable to get into London for the private view of the Bainbridge Open and have since been informed that I won the Bainbridge Print Studios prize! I will visit the show next Thursday to find out what that actually entails but I am surprised and obviously delighted.

Mum,  2018

Mum, 2018