i. I had a tutorial with Jo which was both useful and encouraging. She seemed to think the work is going in the right direction and told me to stop doubting myself and the quality of the work all the time. Most of the tutorial considered how to display the work for the degree show. Jo didn’t like the idea of a framed, salon hang but agreed that ‘the work’ should be comprised of multiple etchings, monotypes and drawings. One idea was to create some large framed, pin-boards/panels on which to arrange the work (see below). Jo also suggested that I try and use the same colour ink and paper where possible to give the exhibition some uniformity. I hadn’t considered showing the work like this but I like the idea a lot. I now need to make much more work so that I can begin to consider a final selection in a few months’ time. The rest of the week was spent in the workshops. I’m getting a bit worried about the lack of time left but just have to keep making, enjoy the facilities available and trust that a body of work will accrue.