Weekly Roundup 13

i. Printmaker and Camberwell alumnus Katherine Jones came in to give a talk about her practice. Katherine's imagery juxtaposes man-made structures with the natural world and combines etching, collagraph, block-print and other traditional forms of printmaking. I signed up for a tutorial which was mostly really useful. Katherine suggested that lithography might be too slow a process for me and that once a week (or at least regularly) I spend some time bashing out a load of monotypes simply to generate some work quickly as well as ideas. She also suggested I experiment with True Grain film and photo etching which I am less sure about.

 Katherine Jones,  Frame , 2015, collagraph and block-print on paper

Katherine Jones, Frame, 2015, collagraph and block-print on paper


ii. We also had a visit from painter-printmaker Tom Hammick (another Camberwell alumnus) whose work I love and admire. Although he wasn't giving formal tutorials, he agreed to have a chat with me before his talk. Tom was incredibly complimentary about my work. He told me not to worry so much and to keep making the work I make regardless of trends/fashion in the art world. He also gave me a list of artists to look at including paintings by Phoebe Unwin, Nick Bodimeade and Indian Miniatures; monotypes by Tai Shan Schierenberg, Betsy Dadd and Lucy Jones; and to look further into Diebenkorn and Kitaj. He told me to stop worrying about technique and to just make pictures. He gave me his card and invited me to his studio for a longer tutorial in a couple of weeks. It was encouraging and inspiring and exactly what I needed.

 Tom Hammick,  Terrestrial,  2017, reduction woodcut

Tom Hammick, Terrestrial, 2017, reduction woodcut

 Betsy Dadd,  Basement II,  2015, monotype

Betsy Dadd, Basement II, 2015, monotype

iii. I went to the Private View of The Real Thing, a solo show by printmaker Jake Garfield at Mercer Chance Gallery. Jake uses lithography, monoprint and woodcut to make images of 'masks of the everyday: beards being shaven; make-up being applied; faces being distorted and reflected through screens, frames and mirrors.' I was thoroughly impressed with the show and blown away by his skilful and inventive use of printmaking.

 Jake Garfield,  Painting My Face 5,  monotype

Jake Garfield, Painting My Face 5, monotype


iv. I started taking the Drawing Club (that I run with school) life drawing. It was great to see them looking so carefully and good practice for me - I definitely need to make more time for it!

v. I went to see Courtney Marie Andrews play an intimate solo gig at St Barnabas church in Oxford. It was a beautiful show full of beautiful songs: personal, gentle, poignant.

vi. The poster for the show is here and Rachel and Michael have chosen to put my print on it!

2018:3 Through the Looking Glass.jpg