i. I spent the vast majority of this week hanging the school's end of year art exhibition which unfortunately meant that I didn't get into Camberwell and had little time for anything else. The exhibition is strong and I'm proud to look at all the students' work from this year. Although quite often exhausting, I have a really good job! Now that it's done I can focus on my studies again.

ii. I did manage to get into London on Thursday afternoon to visit the Bainbridge Open on its penultimate day. It was an excellent show and I particularly enjoyed prints by Alice Macdonald, Euphrosyne Andrews, Juliet Scott and David Ferry. I've found it reassuring and inspiring to see my recent work exhibited and holding its own in the context of contemporary figurative art (at Mercer Chance in March) and now amongst examples of contemporary printmaking.

iii. I also met up with Lucy Bainbridge (founder of Bainbridge Print Studios) about my prize: a membership with Bainbridge Print Studios and use of their facilities whenever I want for a year! I will probably start in September/October and use it on Wednesday afternoons when the studios are shut at university. This should allow me to keep up with the making time that I miss on Tuesdays and could be an enormous help as I head into my second year.

Alice Macdonald,  The Cat and Mutton,  2017

Alice Macdonald, The Cat and Mutton, 2017

Euphrosyne Andrews,  Royal Burst Swatch 0116-02,  2016

Euphrosyne Andrews, Royal Burst Swatch 0116-02, 2016

iv. I have been experimenting with multi-plate, multi-colour printing at my etching class at the Royal Drawing School. This week my favourite print was taken from a plate (printed in blue with a surface roll of flesh pink) originally intended to add tone to another plate. I think my painterly marks using sugar lift are a lot more interesting than simple line drawings.


v. I spent Sunday afternoon in Oxford and visited A Slice through the World: Contemporary Artists’ Drawings at Modern Art Oxford. These drawings communicated some fascinating ideas, were beautifully presented and highly skilful. However, I find the precise photorealism often present in contemporary drawing cold and uninteresting - I prefer my drawing (and perhaps all artwork) to be clumsy, honest and human.

Installation view

Installation view