Weekly Roundup 26

i. Emma Stibbon RA came in to give a talk about her practice. Emma travels around the world (often on residencies) making prints and drawings that explore our fragile relationship with the landscape. I had a brilliant tutorial with her and asked about how I might think about my practice as both individual projects and a wider whole. Emma suggested I not worry about the bigger picture yet (after all, she did show twenty years' work in an hour's talk) and to just get as much out of Camberwell as I can whilst I am here. She also suggested (after looking at my work) that it might be a good idea to continue making pictures of ordinary people in contemporary and everyday situations (such as my Three Crowns monotypes).

ii. I was lucky enough to attend the memorable event 'Paul Coldwell in conversation with William Kentridgebeing held at Camberwell last week. The talk focused on Kentridge's approach to printmaking and how it has informed his wider practice. He was gentle, articulate and hugely inspiring: it was a superb evening.

 Emma Stibbon,  Stromboli Smoke,  2016, intaglio

Emma Stibbon, Stromboli Smoke, 2016, intaglio

 William Kentridge,  Ubu Tells the Truth, Act 1, Scene 2,  1996-97, etching, aquatint, drypoint and engraving

William Kentridge, Ubu Tells the Truth, Act 1, Scene 2, 1996-97, etching, aquatint, drypoint and engraving

iii. I spent Thursday in the etching workshop developing a small sketchbook drawing into a finished print using sugar lift, aquatint, spit bite and soft ground etching. It was fun just making marks, playing with techniques and developing a new vocabulary. Although it's just a small etching it's a step forward: I felt a lot happier in etching (rather than lithography) and these techniques can definitely be pushed further.

  Mum,  2018, etching and aquatint

Mum, 2018, etching and aquatint