Weekly Roundup 45

i. This week was the first of term and it was great to be back in the workshops. Last term Paul Coldwell suggested that the colour might not be working so, after churning out some unsuccessful, colourful monotypes I ended up making the black and white print below. I think it’s strong so it’s an encouraging start to the term. Predictably this success was short-lived and everything else I made was fairly weak. However, it’s nice not to be too worried and to just be getting on and making stuff. I will keep transcribing my sketchbook drawings into etchings and monotypes. I think that’s a good plan for the time being.

The Three Crowns,  2019, monotype

The Three Crowns, 2019, monotype

2019, monotype

2019, monotype


ii. Presented below are some of my recent drawings from the pub. I’ve enjoyed sitting there with my sketchbook in my lap, watching the goings on. I think some of these drawings are good in their own right and strong enough to be exhibited along the prints.

Sketchbook,  2018-19, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper

Sketchbook, 2018-19, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper


iii. I attended the 60th birthday party of my family friend Stephen in Cheltenham. Stephen is a potter and, in a speech celebrating his sixty years, he was thanked for ‘contributing to the sum of good things in the world.’ What a lovely phrase.