Weekly Roundup 23

i. Last Thursday I visited the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy. I (unsurprisingly) enjoyed the etchings by Auerbach and Freud at the Marlborough stand and thought the colourful landscape etchings by 93-year-old Etel Adnan were gorgeous. My friend Tom Cartmill won a prize earlier in the year to create, edition and sell a print with Rabley Drawing Centre which was probably the best curated stand in the Fair (including memorable works by Sadie Tierney, Katherine Jones and Emma Stibbon). Overall it was an exciting and impressive display of printmaking but, because of the quantity, it quickly become too much to take in (much like the Summer Exhibition). The works that stood out were usually big, bold and brash such as Tom Hammick's woodcuts and monotypes or William Kentridge's etchings - how do I get my work to stand out in a room full of prints?

 Lucian Freud,  Man Posing,  1985, etching

Lucian Freud, Man Posing, 1985, etching

 Etel Adnan,  Paysage de feu,  2017, etching

Etel Adnan, Paysage de feu, 2017, etching

 Sadie Tierney,  Into the Gloaming,  2017, woodcut

Sadie Tierney, Into the Gloaming, 2017, woodcut


ii. I will be exhibiting my monotype Mum in the Bainbridge Open 2018. The print-only exhibition aims to show 'the diversity and breadth of contemporary print-based art practice today' so is a particularly good show for me to be a part of. I look forward to seeing how my work looks in this setting.

iii. On Sunday morning I received an email notifying me that I’ve been elected as a member of the Bath Society of Artists. The Bath Society of Artists was founded in 1904 and artists who have been members or have exhibited with them in the past include Walter Sickert, William Scott, Patrick Heron and Mary Fedden. It was completely unexpected and I am thrilled.

iv. Although I'm not happy with a lot of my most recent output, it's been encouraging to exhibit, sell and win an award for artworks that I made in the last year or two (fairly recent by art standards). It's a good reminder that I can definitely get back to that place and use this third term at Camberwell productively.

 Walter Sickert at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath in 1939

Walter Sickert at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath in 1939