i. I started my week in London with a quick visit to some galleries to see some shows that I had seen recommended online by other artists. Within a couple of hours I managed to see Kaye Donachie: Silent As Glass at Maureen Paley (poetic and ghostly paintings that reminded me a little of Elizabeth Peyton), Eric Fischl: Presence of an Absence at Skarstedt (morose and too photographic) and London Painters at Ordovas (small School of London paintings). London Painters at Ordovas was a quiet companion piece to the monumental All Too Human. I loved the tiny Kossoff self-portrait and thought it wouldn't look out of place in my Mercer Chance show.

Kaye Donachie,  Silent As Glass,  2018

Kaye Donachie, Silent As Glass, 2018

Leon Kossoff,  Self-Portrait,  1971

Leon Kossoff, Self-Portrait, 1971

ii. Thursday was taken up with the Mid Point Review: a student-led group session where we could discuss and reflect upon our learning and work at Camberwell so far. The monotype I showed was described as intense, visceral and strong; but also sad, distant and anonymous. This means aspects of my current work are unsuccessful: I want it to be honest and playful (like my work in Mercer Chance) and certainly not mysterious or sinister! Although I was quite anxious about the day, it was an enjoyable and useful activity. I have a lot to consider over the research break.

iii. One of the artists mentioned to me in the Mid Point Review was Richard Diebenkorn. I love Diebekorn's work and recently stumbled upon some of his lithographs. The following is from a Terry Frost quote that dad sent to me: 'Always try to make, or a great danger is that you could think yourself to a standstill. Take advantage of the offer of all techniques. Leave the school capable of using all the media, button up the grammar and stretch your awareness.' I was put off pursuing lithography earlier in the term but now really want to give it another go…

Richard Diebenkorn,  Reclining Figure I,  1962

Richard Diebenkorn, Reclining Figure I, 1962

Richard Diebenkorn,  Nude,  1962

Richard Diebenkorn, Nude, 1962

iv. During the last couple of weeks I have watched (and loved) Moonlight, Lady Bird and The Florida Project. I used to think I was interested in 'the human figure' but I think I am just interested in people.

v. Becky and I have planned to go on holiday to Scotland in the summer. Apart from all the drawings and paintings I am looking forward to making, I found out that there are solo exhibitions of work by Jenny Saville and Emil Nolde on whilst we are in Edinburgh. There is also a Chantal Joffe show opening in Manchester in May. Depending on its size, I may have to arrange a visit.