Weekly Roundup 47

i. Unfortunately this week I had an awful session at Bainbridge: despite having two heaters on full blast, the studio was freezing (it was so cold even my ink went really stiff and unusable). I managed to prepare some old zinc plates and do some drawing before retreating into a nearby café.

ii. Thursday was a lot more productive and I begin two new zinc etchings (see below). I’m enjoying the sugar lift am increasingly dissatisfied with the actual wiping/printing of my plates. This is something I continue to struggle with and need to address.

2019, etching and aquatint

2019, etching and aquatint

iii. Thursday also saw the opening of our group show, Common Ground, at Lumberjack Café. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there to hang the show but it looked good and the private view was busy - a nice thing to be a part of.