i. Back to uni this week. Reflecting on my first year, and rereading my project proposal, I don’t think I’m doing as terribly as I often thought last year. I intended to develop painterly printmaking through etching and monotypes, which I’ve done or am beginning to do. Lithography was a dead end but at least I attempted it. I also wanted to explore the contemporary context for portraiture which I’m doing through my research paper. It’s slowly coming together but I’ve still got lots to do. It’s going to be a busy, but hopefully really exciting, year. I’ll also try and keep this journal going regularly again.

ii. On Thursday, I visited the private view of Surface Worlds: Reflections in the City, an exhibition by my friend Geraint Evan. The exhibition explored themes of class and consumerism through drawings (and soundscapes) made on Oxford Street. I admire Geraint’s ability to capture the minutiae of everyday life. He elevates the mundane through intricate, brooding charcoal drawings. An impressive show if a little bleak.

Geraint Evans,  Window Shopping,  2017

Geraint Evans, Window Shopping, 2017

Geraint Evans,  Who are we, where are we going?  (detail),   2018

Geraint Evans, Who are we, where are we going? (detail), 2018

iii. I was drafted in, last minute, to accompany a four-day art trip to Venice with school. It was absolutely exhausting but the kids were well behaved, it was fun to get away and I saw some brilliant artwork (Tintoretto, Veronese, Morandi). I’m feeling slightly panicked now as I was banking on using that weekend to make some serious progress with the research paper…

iv. The Shrewdness of Apes, an exhibition by Camberwell alumnus Jack Fawdry Tatham, is currently on show in the student gallery at uni. The exhibition showcases a series of etchings that have been influenced by the natural world and human relationships. The show is fun and technically impressive. It’s also a good reminder that I definitely want to get better at etching. I began to get somewhere at the end of last year by using aquatint, sugar lift and spit bite. Now it’s time to really push and develop those techniques - I want to get really good!

Jack Fawdry Tatham,  Django King of Cats,  2017

Jack Fawdry Tatham, Django King of Cats, 2017