Weekly Roundup 15

i. Over the course of two days I made an experimental print where I tried not to think too much about the technique and just to make an image. I started with a jigsaw woodcut (Tom Hammick advised me that this was a quick way to get going) and ended up using monotype and screenprint on top. I'm not sure what I feel about the image yet, it's blocky and graphic and the colours have changed now that they've dried. I don't hate it and it got me making so hopefully it's a step in the right direction!

ii. I took part in a Photoshop workshop which instructed us how to photograph and edit our work for publication, websites etc. Fortunately it confirmed that I'm mostly doing the right thing.

iii. I managed to catch the Peter Doig exhibition in its final week at Michael Werner. Tom Hammick recommended I go and look at Doig's use of colour and shape, the way he plays around with the same motifs and his different uses of textures and materials. I'm pretty unfamiliar with Doig's work but thorougly enjoyed the show - I will look into him further.

 Peter Doig,  Red Man (Sings Calypso),  2017, oil on linen

Peter Doig, Red Man (Sings Calypso), 2017, oil on linen

 Peter Doig,  Red Man,  2017, oil on paper on vellum and board

Peter Doig, Red Man, 2017, oil on paper on vellum and board

iv. I went to see Charles I: King and Collector at the Royal Academy. It's full of ridiculously over-the-top paintings that were great fun to draw.

 Anthony Van Dyck,  Charles I with M. de St Antoine  ,  1633, oil on canvas

Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I with M. de St Antoine1633, oil on canvas

 Anthony Van Dyck,  Charles I in the Hunting Field,  c.1635, oil on canvas

Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I in the Hunting Field, c.1635, oil on canvas

v. I went to Oxford with dad to see a small exhibition by Nick Schlee. The exhibition hung preliminary sketches alongside completed paintings and was a fascinating insight into his working methods. A nice day out.

 Nick Schlee

Nick Schlee

  Sketchbook (dad drawing) , 2018, graphite on paper

Sketchbook (dad drawing), 2018, graphite on paper