Weekly Roundup 3

i. I felt a bit overwhelmed this week. It feels like this term is just induction after induction (this week into the 3D and fabrication workshops) and, with my job at the school as well, I'm only getting the briefest of times to make work. We've been shown so many processes and possibilities that I'm struggling to commit to anything. 

ii. I needed to clear my head and decided to get out and see some artwork. Our Wednesday afternoon lecture was cancelled so I went to see Luke Hannam's Short Stories at Menier Gallery. I follow Luke's work on Instagram and love his colourful, playful and celebratory paintings. However, my favourite works were two quiet little landscapes based on daily walks in the woods close to where he lives. I need to get out and go painting again soon...

 Luke Hannam,  The Military Canal,  oil on canvas

Luke Hannam, The Military Canal, oil on canvas

 Luke Hannam,  The Military Canal 2,  oil on canvas

Luke Hannam, The Military Canal 2, oil on canvas

iii. On Thursday, I went to the Wallace Collection for the afternoon to see Dutch paintings of inns and taverns (as research for my pub prints) but found myself enjoying the whole collection. Sometimes it's good to remind myself that I just like looking at and making pictures.

 David Teniers the Younger,  Gambling Scene at an Inn,  late 1640s, oil on oak panel

David Teniers the Younger, Gambling Scene at an Inn, late 1640s, oil on oak panel